Who We Are

Mizar was a project dedicated exclusively to Summer Camps and School Trips in Portugal until recently. These exceptional programs are very important in the social development of children and young people.

But now, in Mizar Village, our new camp in Figueira da Foz, we wish to extend our skills and programs for adults of all ages, performing activities of Active Leisure Time, with a greater focus on Families and Friends.

We hope that participating in our programs and activities as well as staying in a holiday village with a particularly inspiring surroundings, as MizarVillage, allow one of our mottos, "Permission to be Happy" to take place a little more.

Summer Camps

In particular, Mizar's Summer Camps provide, above all, programs with high educational value, along with interesting and recreational leisure activities during the school holiday periods.

We invest in communicating with parents and educators, who should recognize, as an essential matter, the important educational aspect of the project.

We intend to make of each program, an unique experience, with distinct levels in terms of learning and fun. Our main concern is to promote the positive and lasting impact that these unique programs can have, in both present and future, regarding personal and social development of each participating individual.

Mizar staff have had many years of experience, and with full commitment, guarantee the highest professional standards in the development of all activities.


Mizar History

Although it's a recent project, started in 2007, we count with a vast experience in running this kind of activities for plenty of years, mostly Summer Camps and School Trips, in other associations, like YMCA Lisbon.

Back in 2007 we started our project organizing Summer Camps in Mesão Frio, in the north of Portugal close to Douro River, in Solar dos Albergaria.

In 2008 we moved south, to Fronteira, a municipality in Alentejo, and there we worked until the end of 2009. During these two years, our growth was above 40%, having organized nearly 50 School Trips and received over 500 children and teenagers from Portugal (and from other countries like Angola, Belgium, Brasil, Spain or UK) in our Summer Camps.

But the limitations of Fronteira's facilities have led us to seek for a new place, better suited to run activities for children and young people, and also enabling us to work throughout the year with people of all ages. So, we found the Pedra da Sé resort, in Tábua, that we called Mizar Village, and there we developed our programs from April 2010 until September 2011.

In October 2011, we moved to Figueira da Foz, to the resort Clube de Vale de Leão, where we set up the new Mizar Village. This resort has a larger accomodation capacity, more equipment and possibilities for activities. And even if we miss Tábua's forests and inner-country landscapes, our new location in Serra da Boa Viagem (hills), with an excellent sea view and close to Figueira da Foz center, allows us to run activities suitable not only for youngsters, but for people of all ages.

Mizar team is composed of:

  • Rodolfo Proença de Jesus
  • Eugenie Vincent
  • Alexandre Ramos
  • Nuno Sanches
And why the name Mizar? Because is a star in the tail of Ursa Major, that we take as guiding and inspiring.


Now in Figueira

Photography exhibition "Figueira da Foz, I Am Happy Here!"




Weather in Figueira