Permanent Team

In Mizar Village we have a permanent team to run the resort and make our guests stay very enjoyable, whether they are a family enjoying accomodation, or a full summer camp.

The permanent staff at Mizar Village is:

Rodolfo Proença de Jesus

Leader of Mizar project and manager of Mizar Village.

Jacinta Proença de Jesus

Logistics manager, including maintenance, cleaning and restaurant.

Diana Pinto

You can find her at the reception, she's responsible for all sorts of paperwork at the office. She also runs outdoor sports activities, entertains kids at our birthday parties and she's a team leader in summer camps!

Mário Pinto

Resident team leader, also helps in the maintenance and all sorts of activities in the camp.

Mrs. Dulce

Our "chef", she's in charge of the kitchen since last summer. Mrs. Dulce also helps in the cleanning of the houses.

Some important non-permanent staff

Paulo Travassos

Plenty of years climbing walls, he's our outdoor sports expert.

Rodrigo Belard

Suprevises our ZEN workshops.


Our teams are enhanced with other staff to fit the need of our guests, especially for summer camps or school trips.