School Trips

Are you looking for a different place to go on a School Trip?

Mizar organizes such programs for groups of students of all ages, any time of the year, at our resort Mizar Village.

The idea is very simple: your school, or class, comes to stay for a few days with us and, during that time, you go through a scheduled program of activities. These activities are mostly outdoor sports (hill climbing, canoeing, paintball, orienteering, ropes course, ...), fun activities (disco, nigth games, traditional games) and/or cultural (visiting monuments, typical villages and nature spots).

School Trip at Mizar Village

These programs, usually organized for high-school students, have become very popular in recent years to student of all ages and throughout the whole year: not only children from elementary schools already have their school trips, but also university groups started to organize their "freshman welcoming weekends", "end of semester" escape weekends, etc.

Whatever the students age might be, the purpose is always the same: to enhance team spirit between students and / or teachers, while giving you days of joy and adventure.

And this year we're inviting schools from other countries to visit us, as new our camp, Mizar Village, is located in the hills of Boa Viagem, very close to Figueira da Foz city and the sea, and that will allow you to get to know a little more of our country, besides the usual Algarve sunny beaches :)

So, what's included in our school trips?

  • Activities program, previously scheduled and checked with the school/class *
  • Accomodation in Mizar Village, up to 8 people per house.
  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Access to Mizar Village's facilities: swimming pool, tennis court, disco, ...
  • Plenty of adventure sports included: canoes, bikes, rock climbing, zipline, ropes course( at the Adventure Park), bow & arrow, etc.

Some supplementary activities, with extra cost:

  • Paintball
  • Rappel

These activities have an extra cost because Mizar hires external staff to organize them.

(*) As most of the activities are outdoor, the program can be changed due to weather conditions.

What's not on included?

  • Medical insurance for participants: it's usually the school insurance.
  • Transportation to and from Mizar Village: usually it's the school bus, but we can hire a bus and organize the trip from Lisbon/Oporto to the camp and back.



And how much does it cost?

The cost per student depends on a few variables:

  • Season of the year: regular prices in Spring and Summer, low-season prices in Autumn and Winter.
  • Number of students: more students will lower the cost per each.
  • Number of days: more days will lower the daily cost.
  • Activities program: if you wish extra outdoor activities, or visit payable museums, the cost will be added.
  • Transportation: if you wish it, we can book the buses and the price will be divided by participant.

A typical price will be 75 euros per student, for a school of 40 students, staying 3 days, in Spring or Summer time; 65 euros in Autumn and Winter. For every 10 students, we don't charge 1 teacher/tutor.

After establishing an initial budget, to confirm the reservation, the school must pay an initial fee of 30% of the price. Upon arrival at Mizar Village, another 50% should be paid, and the remaining 20% on the last day.

The final price will be determined when the school arrives at Mizar Village, because only then we're sure of how many students are in the group, as there's usually last-minute students registering or cancelling.

So, if you'd like us to give an estimate budget for you school trip, you just have to contact us and send this information.

And more...

Students from school trips will have a discount in our Summer Camps, as well as their parents will have a discount in accomodation at Mizar Village.

So, what are all the advantages of organizing your school trip to Mizar Village?

  • Very special Camp and Staff.
  • Accessible price.
  • Possibility of free bus transportation (depends on availability!)
  • Guarantee 30% discounts for students' families, throughout the whole year.
  • Guarantee lower prices for students that wish to register for our Summer Camps.

IST University Tuna in Mizar - Fronteira, 2008

So, book your school trip at Mizar Village, and we'l guarantee you unforgetable holidays!

Canoeing in Mondego River